Hi, My Name is Hamza.
I’m a Full Stack Web Developer.

About Me

As a web developer with expertise in front-end and back-end technologies, I excel in creating scalable and efficient web applications. Proficient in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, WordPress and other modern frameworks, I thrive on transforming ideas into engaging digital experiences.

Beyond development, I create content focused on tech and web development, helping others learn and stay updated with industry trends.

About Me

What I Do ?

Front-End Development

Crafting responsive and intuitive front-end experiences with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React for seamless user interaction and visual appeal.

Back-End Development

Building scalable and robust back-end solutions with PHP, Node.js, and comprehensive database management for optimized performance.

WordPress Development

Specialized in creating custom WordPress themes and plugins, delivering tailored solutions that meet client needs with efficiency and reliability.

E-commerce Solutions

Developing and enhancing WooCommerce and Shopify stores with innovative custom features and seamless integrations for optimal performance.

Site Optimization

Improving website performance through caching, image optimization, and code minification for better user experience and SEO.

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I am very open to learn new things

Skilled in crafting responsive and user-friendly web solutions tailored to client needs, with a focus on intuitive design, robust functionality, and seamless user experience across various platforms and devices.



Expert in developing custom WordPress themes and plugins, ensuring scalability and performance optimization for diverse client requirements.




Skilled in crafting dynamic React interfaces, using state management and component-based architecture for modern web applications.




Experienced in developing robust web applications using Laravel, focusing on clean code architecture, RESTful APIs, and database management.




Skilled in building scalable and efficient server-side applications with Node.js, utilizing JavaScript and Express.js for backend development.


WooCommerce / Shopify


Specialized in customizing WooCommerce and Shopify platforms, enhancing online stores with tailored functionalities and seamless integrations.


Full Stack Web Developer

Bosh International

Dec 2022 - Present



Oct 2021 – Present

Web Developer


July 2019 – Present

Full Stack Developer

Projexon Islamabad

Nov 2018 – Feb 2019

My Experiences

Let's work together, I'm open for part time / freelance

I have gained extensive experience across various roles, consistently delivering innovative solutions and contributing to project success. 


Explore the glowing feedback from my satisfied clients and discover why they trust my expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

Hamza is an experienced Web Developer known for creating user-friendly and responsive websites. His dedication to innovation and collaboration makes him a standout professional in his field.

    David Wilson

    CEO Rent Review Hub

    Hamza just completed my new business website. He always does a great job with my website development needs. I would definitely recommend Hamza to anyone needing a great website developer

      Travis Kendrick


      I enjoyed working with Hamza. He showed commitment to his work, technical proficiency, and professionalism. He was receptive to my requests and produced a top-notch website in the allotted time. I appreciate his help and wouldn't think twice about using him again in the future

        Al Mouz Mustafa

        Founder Magdoors

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